Thursday, June 18, 2009


Once a upon a time,I met someone..he's cute,funny n a little bit crazy..emm...when I was young,he sometimes like pretend to be a girl..wear a funny!
I still remember,when he want to cry he always covered his face by turn down his head to the floor..and when he wake up his face so reddish!!...but when he happy..he also make everyone happy.. emm...for me his so funny..really!he always make me laugh at every single time..
I know him since I was 7 years old..but we become close at 9 years old..(is that correct??)hmm...
Sometimes he like to shared his problem with me..and that time I'm sure that i dont have any feeling to him..but I think I'm wrong..
Something happened...he heard a rumous that I'm so crazy to him...please..!!! I know all girls he date can I have that feeling??
But when we split up...then I realise I had some feeling to him..what a $%&^*&&!!
What make me sad...he forget me as his friend..not just friend! his good friend..
I hope I will meet him soon..but for now we just met in my dream...hahahahah!!!
And most thing...I hope we can be friend again..
thats all about him...huhuhuhu...